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Project Description
Extends System.Linq.Dynamic to support Execution of Lambda expressions defined in a string against Entity Framework or any provider that supports IQueryable.

I originally came across this source code on Scott Guthrie's Blog while searching for a mechanism to execute dynamic linq statements against entity framework. While this code partially fulfilled my need both it and the assembly System.Linq.Dynamic.dll available for download from NuGet lacked the exact functionality I required. Specifically it did not allow me to execute a full lambda expression represented as a string against my entity objects. In addition it lacked support for Take and Union as well as many other extension functions, though these were the only two with which I was interested. As a consequence I extended the code to support these features. I thought my efforts might benefit someone else so I have decided to host it on codeplex. The original code is licensed under Ms-PL and in accordance with this license the derived codebase I have created is licensed similarly.

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